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Тематика документов на портале охватывает основные разделы теплофизики, включая техническую термодинамику, теплофизические свойства веществ и материалов, тепломассообмен, и т.п. Конкретный выбор ресурсов и сервисов ориентирован на подготовку в российской высшей школе специалистов по теплоэнергетике и теплотехнике и соответствует сложившимся традициям преподавания в МЭИ. Портал разработан в рамках совместной программы «Интеграция фундаментальной науки и высшей школы» с участием ОИВТ РАН и МЭИ и функционирует с 2003 года.


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      Eric W. Lemmona, Richard T Jacobsen and Steven G. Penoncello, Daniel G. Friend Thermodynamic Properties of Air and Mixtures of Nitrogen, Argon, and Oxygen From 60 to 2000 K at Pressures to 2000 MPa
    A thermodynamic property formulation for standard dry air based upon available experimental p –r – T, heat capacity, speed of sound, and vapor–liquid equilibrium data is presented. This formulation is valid for liquid, vapor, and supercritical air at temperatures from the solidification point on the bubble-point curve ~59.75 K! to 2000 K at pressures up to 2000 MPa.

    Категория : НАУКА /3. Депозитарий научных работ

      Allan H. Harveya, Eric W. Lemmon Correlation for the Second Virial Coefficient of Water
    A new correlation has been developed to represent the second virial coefficient of water (H2O) as a function of temperature. The formulation was fitted to experimental data, both for the second virial coefficient itself and for a quantity related to its first temperature derivative, at temperatures between approximately 310 and 1170 K. The high-temperature extrapolation behavior was guided by results calculated from a highquality intermolecular pair potential. The new correlation agrees well with the experimental data deemed to be reliable, and at high temperatures is a significant improvement over the best previous formulation.

    Категория : НАУКА /3. Депозитарий научных работ

      W. Wagnera and A. Pruß The IAPWS Formulation 1995 for the Thermodynamic Properties of Ordinary Water Substance for General and Scientific Use
    In 1995, the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam ~IAPWS! adopted a new formulation called ‘‘The IAPWS Formulation 1995 for the Thermodynamic Properties of Ordinary Water Substance for General and Scientific Use’’, which we abbreviate to IAPWS-95 formulation or IAPWS-95 for short. This IAPWS-95 formulation replaces the previous formulation adopted in 1984. This work provides information on the selected experimental data of the thermodynamic properties of water used to develop the new formulation, but information is also given on newer data. The article presents all details of the IAPWS-95 formulation, which is in the form of a fundamental equation explicit in the Helmholtz free energy. The function for the residual part of the Helmholtz free energy was fitted to selected data for the following properties: ~a! thermal properties of the single-phase region (prT) and of the vapor–liquid phase boundary (psr 8r 9T), including the phase-equilibrium condition ~Maxwell criterion!, and ~b! the caloric properties specific isochoric heat capacity, specific isobaric heat capacity, speed of sound, differences in the specific enthalpy and in the specific internal energy, Joule– Thomson coefficient, and isothermal throttling coefficient. By applying modern strategies for optimizing the functional form of the equation of state and for the simultaneous nonlinear fitting to the data of all mentioned properties, the resulting IAPWS-95 formulation covers a validity range for temperatures from the melting line ~lowest temperature 251.2 K at 209.9 MPa! to 1273 K and pressures up to 1000 MPa. In this entire range of validity, IAPWS-95 represents even the most accurate data to within their experimental uncertainty. In the most important part of the liquid region, the estimated uncertainty of IAPWS-95 ranges from 60.001% to 60.02% in density, 60.03% to 60.2% in speed of sound, and 60.1% in isobaric heat capacity. In the liquid region at ambient pressure, IAPWS-95 is extremely accurate in density ~uncertainty <60.0001%! and in speed of sound ~60.005%!.

    Категория : НАУКА /3. Депозитарий научных работ

      S.Ganesh Prakash, R.Ravi, R.P.Chhabra Corresponding states theory and transport coefficients of liquid metals
    A study of the applicability of CST towards predicting transport coefficients in liquid metals has been undertaken with particular emphasis on alkali metals. Characteristic parameters were obtained from six different first principles calculations of inter-ionic potentials of simple metals reported in the literature. A wide variation was observed in the characteristic parameters as reported by various authors. Among these, the potential parameters of Shyu et al. provided the best correlation of experimental diffusivity and viscosity data for alkali metals over moderate temperature ranges. However, use of the Goldschmidt diameter as the characteristic distance parameter and kBTm, where Tm is the melting temperature, as the characteristic energy parameter gave as good, if not better, results for alkali metals. This parameter set was not found to be satisfactory when non-alkali metals were also included. Chapman’s characteristic parameters, obtained from a fit to the viscosity data, provided a reasonable correlation of the diffusivity data to most, but not all metals studied. Fundamental issues associated with attempting to group all liquid metals under a single corresponding states theory as well with the conventional use of the potential well-depth and the distance at which the potential becomes zero as characteristic parameters for liquid metals have been pointed out. A preliminary statistical analysis has been performed to assess the reliability of our predictions in view of the experimental uncertainties in viscosity and diffusivity data.

    Категория : НАУКА /3. Депозитарий научных работ

      Широкодиапазонное уравнение состояния углерода
    K. V. Khishchenko, V. E. Fortov, I. V. Lomonosov
    Multiphase Equation of State for Carbon over Wide Range of Temperatures and Pressures.

    A semiempirical equation-of-state model, which takes into account the effects of polymorphic phase transformation and melting, is proposed. An equation of state is developed for graphite, diamond, and liquid phases of carbon, and a critical analysis of calculated results in comparison with available high-temperature, high-pressure experimental data is made.

    Категория : НАУКА /3. Депозитарий научных работ

      Т.Л.Макарова Магнитные свойства углеродных структур. Обзор
    Описаны магнитные свойства основных форм углерода: алмаза, графита, нанографита, нанотруб, фуллеренов.

    Категория : НАУКА /3. Депозитарий научных работ


    Д.К. Белащенко. КОМПЬЮТЕРНОЕ МОДЕЛИРОВАНИЕ ЖИДКИХ И АМОРФНЫХ ВЕЩЕСТВ. В книге рассмотрены основные структурные характеристики некристаллических (жидких и аморфных) веществ, методы компьютерного моделирования систем с различным характером химической связи, в том числе металлов, солей, оксидов и т.п. Дан обзор методов моделирования некристаллических систем с использованием дифракционных данных о структуре. Проведен анализ топологических характеристик некристаллических систем. Исследованы возможности восстановления межчастичных потенциалов по структуре жидкого или аморфного тела и расчета термодинамических, структурных, диффузионных и других свойств веществ методами компьютерного моделирования.

    Категория : НОВОСТИ /2. Новые публикации

      Проекты РФФИ по разделу «Теплофизические свойства веществ и материалов» (код классификатора 08-200), рекомендованные к финансированию в 2005 году

    Категория : НАУКА /1.Проекты

      16 симпозиум по теплофизическим свойствам (Boulder, US).

Boulder, CO, USA
July 30 - August 4, 2006 Проходит с 30 июля по 4 августа 2006 года в рамках THERMO INTERNATIONAL, который включает также 19 Международную конференцию по химической термодинамике и 61 Конференцию по калориметрии.

    Категория : НОВОСТИ /1. Конференции и семинары

      О.Б. Цветков Хладагенты, хладоносители и холодильные масла – ностальгия о будущем.
    Синтетические холодильные агенты – незначительная часть производимых в мире химических соединений. На пике своего расцвета в 1986 году в мире производили 1 млн. 300 тыс. тонн хладагентов – галогенопроизводных предельных углеводородов…

    Категория : НАУКА /3. Депозитарий научных работ

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