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Тематика документов на портале охватывает основные разделы теплофизики, включая техническую термодинамику, теплофизические свойства веществ и материалов, тепломассообмен, и т.п. Конкретный выбор ресурсов и сервисов ориентирован на подготовку в российской высшей школе специалистов по теплоэнергетике и теплотехнике и соответствует сложившимся традициям преподавания в МЭИ. Портал разработан в рамках совместной программы «Интеграция фундаментальной науки и высшей школы» с участием ОИВТ РАН и МЭИ и функционирует с 2003 года.


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  • Категория: НАУКА /4. Ресурсы сети

  •   European Research Community on Flow Turbulence and Combustion
    The European Research Community on Turbulence and Combustion (ERCOFTAC) was established in 1988. The mission of ERCOFTAC is to promote joint efforts between European academic and industrial researchers active in all aspects of flow, turbulence or combustion. The site provides information about membership of the association, conferences and links to the ERCOFTAC pilot centres, of which the UK has two, and Special Interest Groups. The site also hosts the ERCOFTAC Fluid Dynamics Database which provides access to a variety of data, documents and information on flow, turbulence and combustion. Free registration (only available for genuine fluid mechanics users) is required to access the database.

    Тема : Механика жидкостей и газов

      Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
    Von Karman Institute in Belgium was established 1956 for the training and research in aerodynamics of young scientists and engineers of the Nato nations. It is organised in three main departments : Aeronautics and Aerospace Department, Environmental and Applied Fluid Dynamics Department and the Turbomachinery Department. The Web site describes the educational programs and publications available, research carried out by staff and students within the different departments and provides links to other sites including an extensive CFD (computational fluid dynamics) resource section.

    Тема : Механика жидкостей и газов

      Hot List: Internet Thermal Engineering Resources
    The HotList is a geographical list of specialized Internet pointers relevant to thermal engineering and related fields including (indicative list): heat transfer (conduction, convection and radiation); combustion and relevant chemical kinetics; thermal equipment (heat exchangers, furnaces, boilers, etc); thermal pollution; and thermodynamics, etc. The Hot List site is divided into European academic sites, American academic sites, Asian and Oceanian academic sites, and commercial sites. In addition, selected links to closely-related fields which are well covered elsewhere are offered; these include energy and environment; fluid dynamics and CFD; and numerical methods (PDE). Pointers to forthcoming conference lists are given, together with a range of general sites (including societies, journals, etc.), and wider technical lists.

    Тема : Тепломассобмен

      Thermal Connection: resource centre for thermal engineers, designers and analysts
    The Thermal Connection server provides a variety of resources, including thermal FAQs, shareware and public domain CFD codes, free engineering software (courtesy of R.C. Costello & Associates),teaching resources for thermal physics, demonstrations featuring properties of heat and matter, and other heat experiments and activities. In addition, it provides access to a Thermal Data page which contains thermophysical data, surface finish, units conversions, physical constants, and a miscellaneous section. The thermophysical data includes a material property database, databases of solid materials, and liquids and gases, and data on nickel titanium (shape memory alloy).

    Тема : Тепломассобмен

      Thermo-Fluid Mechanics Research at the University of Sussex
    The Thermo-Fluid Mechanics Research Centre in the School of Engineering is a dedicated research center specialising in the areas of fluid mechanics, heat transfer and engine component design. The TFMRC pages provide a list of staff and contact details, areas of expertise, current research programmes (involving high pressure compressor drive cone; turbine rim sealing; compressor rotating cavities; compressor stator wells; centrifugal compressor design and testing; heat transfer instrumentation; gas turbine coolant pre-swirl systems; medical ventilators; catalytic converters), a list of recent publications, with summaries, and links to sites of related interest.

    Тема : Тепломассобмен

      European Committee for the Advancement of Thermal Sciences and Heat Transfer
    The aim of EUROTHERM is to promote and foster European cooperation in thermal sciences and heat transfer bygathering together scientists and engineers working in specialised areas. The EUROTHERM site offers details of past and forthcoming EUROTHERM seminars, together with information on the Committee, its structure, members, and prizes and awards. An extensive listing of conferences worldwide on the thermal sciences and heat transfer is available. A list of publishers and journals of interest in the field of thermal sciences is given, along with information on other international organisations working in the area of thermal sciences.

    Тема : Тепломассобмен

      International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer
    The International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer (ICHMT) is an international, professional, non-governmental, non-profit organization which had its beginnings in the late 1960s . The general objective of the Centre is to promote and to foster international cooperation in the science of heat and mass transfer and its applications. The traditional activities of the ICHMT are the International Symposia and Seminars, major international meetings organized by the Centre and details of all 52 organised since 1968 are given on the web site including information as to how to obtain copies of papers from the 30 published Proceedings. Abstracts of papers of recent meetings are available on the web pages as are details about the organization and secretariat (which moved from Yugoslavia to the Middle East Technical University at Ankara, Turkey in 1992).

    Тема : Тепломассобмен

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  • Механика жидкостей и газов

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