Учебник по прикладной термодинамике (ТАФТАН)
Дата: 12/05/2004

TAFTAN Applied thermodynamics is the science of the relationship between heat, work, and systems that analyze energy processes. The energy processes that convert heat energy from available sources such as chemical fuels into mechanical work are the major concern of this science. Thermodynamics consists of a number of analytical and theoretical methods which may be applied to machines for energy conversion.

Related topics:
Laws of thermodynamics
The zeroth law of thermodynamics
The first law of thermodynamics
The second law of thermodynamics
Definition of:
Heat engines, Turbines , Steam turbine, Gas turbine, Compressor, Thermodynamic cycle, Working fluid, Ideal gas,
System Definition of processes:
Isobaric, Isothermal, Isentropic, Isometric, Adiabatic, Adiabatic mixing, Throttling, Free expansion, Polytropic
Heat transfer:
Heat transfer, Heat exchangers, Heat flow through a pipe, Heat flow through a wall
Air Conditioning: Air conditioning, Humidifiers, Direct Steam Injection, Contact factor of a nozzle, Contact factor of a coil, Psychrometric chart, Hygrometer
Definition and/or units of:
Energy, Exergy, Power, Enthalpy, Entropy, Temperature, Pressure, Specific volume, Density, Specific heat capacity, Sensible heat, Latent heat, Thermal conductivity, Molar mass, Mass flow Search by keywords

Applied thermodynamics - Прикладная термодинамика

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